Version: 1.5.3 || Release Date: 2010-05-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.95) Developer: Code Sorcery Workshop | App Owner: incanus

UNIX power, Mac style. SSH Tunnels made easy.

An easy to use SSH tunnel manager built specifically for the Mac. A perfect marriage of UNIX power with Mac elegance, Meerkat includes innovative features such as application triggers, automatic reconnection on system sleep & network change, Growl integration, Bonjour support, command-line and AppleScript integration, and much more.

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5 Opinions

Try learning ssh in Terminal as well

Agreed. Brilliantly executed application. It handles a Tunneling with such grace and power. I realize tunnels are simple to the experienced user, but this brings increased ease-of-use and Mac OS X (GUI) integration (as well as super cool AppleScript bindings, Growl integration, and overall badassedness.

I dig it.

Try iSSH, it's free.

$20 bucks for a ssh tunneler wrapper? do i get fries with that?

The "start this tunnel when this application launches (and optionally tear it down at exit)" feature in Meerkat is brilliant.