Version: 4.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-06-22 || License: Shareware (6.95) Developer: Michael | MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

GTD for the Rest of Us


meinKOPP (German for myHEAD)
is a fast, very clean and easy to use application to track, store and manage and export all the notes, tasks, snippets, links, images and to-do lists your real head will forget. You can tag them to fast find what you need.

Now you can have the portable version of meinKOPP. The portable version runs from every USB Stick (Thumbdrive), every extern HD and even from a Net-Drive. So you can have all your notes and todo-lists with you. Any time and any place. Independent from Mac, Account, Rights and .Mac. You don't have to manage different list on different Macs, you can even store your notes without the privileges to install applications on your working Mac…

There are a lot of GTD-Applications out there
– but meinKOPP can be unique.
Because every application can be individual build for its owner.
So the Application can have your name (or every name you want to have) and can have your own unique icon. meinKOPP is called Michaels Kopp and has got my avatar as icon and your application could have your name and your icon (a picture, an avatar, your favicon, ...)

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8 Opinions

I paid for the package software (Schreiben, MeinKopp, etc.) from them. As for meinKOPP - I like it and temprarily dropped other apps to give it a true and fair test. So far I think that to be an excelent app it needs to have context/project approach, and GLOBAL SEARCH. Fighting with meny drop down search queries is by now the worst experience from that otherwise fine app. Global search request leads me to Spotlight integration, what do you think? I must say, too, that GUI is just beautiful.

I was never really in to GTD, but kudos on the icon. Moleskines are great!

Your opinions on the name of the app are useless to me. As a German, I am primarily concerned about efficiency! So speak of your experience to me, now!

i paid for it but it still needs some improvements to make it a useful app for me.

let me tell you Kopp is an accent form of Kopf

brought to you by a German ;) (and my english is not so good)

Tit for tat

No, in fact it's spelled Fopf.

nah, you can also say kopp! Probably won't find in the dictionary, but people say it in Germany

Just like to note that Kopf with a f is German for head (I think)