Version: 1.8 || Release Date: 2013-06-25 || License: Shareware ($13.99) Developer: Juicy Cocktail | App Owner: chiefsucker

Finally there is an easy to use diary app. Write a journal and include images, videos and sound. Rediscover the greatest moments in your life.

✚✚✚ Easy to Use ✚✚✚

Nothing gets in your way and you can start focusing on writing from day one. If you need an advanced feature it’s still there and easily accessible.

✚✚✚ Your Privacy Comes First ✚✚✚

Your data is the most important thing. That’s the reason why we encrypt every diary by default. You can set a password for even more protection. We use the industry-proven AES-256 encryption for the highest security of your personal data.

✚✚✚ Customization ✚✚✚

Set your mood and favorite font for every entry. Underline important parts of your life and even color them red. Customize every entry and let your imagination thrive.

✚✚✚ Attachments ✚✚✚

Add images, sound and videos to your entries. Yes, even PDFs if you need to.

✚✚✚ Spelling and Grammar ✚✚✚

Let the app do the boring work for you. Check your spelling and grammar while you type. Memories makes your links, quotes and dashes beautiful.

✚✚✚ Smart Search ✚✚✚

You don’t have to remember when something happened. That’s our job. Search for everything in the most easiest and fastest way possible and rediscover your memories.

✚✚✚ Auto-Save Included ✚✚✚

We save your diary every 2 minutes, so you don’t have to think about it. Just focus on your writing.

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