Memtest OS X

Version: 4.2 || Release Date: 2006-10-21 || License: Shareware ($1.39) Developer: Tony Scaminaci | App Owner: robotspacer

Memtest is simply the best ram-testing utility for the Macintosh platform with the ability to find intermittent memory problems that are the frequent cause of unexplained crashes or freezes in Macs running MacOSX. Memtest can identify random memory problems that commercially available utilities miss completely.

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8 Opinions

Give a try, the downloadable iso works on intel macs. The only snag is that after the test is done you have to do a hardreboot since the keyboard doesnt work. But that doesnt stop it from testing the memory.

The GPL allows you to charge for distribution. You just have to include the source code though. This is how RedHat sells its enterprise products and why CentOS can continue to exist.

How can they require you to pay $1.39 when it is based on GPL code?

As per celsmore69, I find Memtest OS X invaluable. Worth far more than $1.39.

This is no longer freeware, it is $0.99 to get a link to the download and a password to unlock it.

Download Rember, the memtest front end, which comes bundled with an old version of memtest.

As an Apple technician, this is one tool I simply cannot live without. If this finds an error in the RAM, replace it. RAM should always function at 100%, and a healthy machine can loop memtest overnight without issue. If you are noticing apps crashing, kernel panics, or just general instability give memtest a run through. It works best when run from single user mode.

How do you define a non-serious error in your physical RAM module?

In my opinion memtest finds errors where there are none or no serious ones.