Mendeley Desktop

Version: 1.6 || Release Date: 2012-07-27 || License: Freeware App Owner: emme

Mendeley Desktop is free academic software for managing and sharing research papers.

Mendeley Desktop is more than a reference manager:
Automatic extraction of metadata and cited references from PDFs to create your own personal library database
Full-text search, tag, share, and collaboratively manage your research papers
Back up your research papers to Mendeley Web and manage them online
Cite documents in Microsoft Word and automatically create bibliographies
Discover statistics about research trends, emerging topics, papers, and authors in all academic disciplines
Get useful statistics about your own library database
Explore the readership of your own publications: How many readers do you have, in which disciplines and which geographic regions? coming soon
Connect to like-minded researchers and scholars in all academic disciplines, both in science and the humanities
Create a public profile and let others know about new publications, awards or conference travels
Follow other researchers' profile updates

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1 Opinion

This app can be imagined as a combination of Zotero and for research with a built-in PDF-Viewer. You cann add and edit notes and highlight text in the viewer- on my own experience partially even when the PDFs are restricted. Get it!