Mental Case

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2008-09-11 || License: Shareware (€ 25) Developer: MacCoreMac Software | App Owner: alf

memory aid combines flash cards, repetitive learning

Mental Case is many things - a drop box for your thoughts; RSS for your head; an index of your knowledge - but ultimately, it's just a fun way to remember stuff. And 'stuff' can be anything, from your new mobile phone number to the Presidents of the United States - Mental Case can even help you remember to stick to a diet.

All you do is gather tidbits of information in 'mental notes'. Enter some text, drop in an image, take a screen shot, or even snap a picture with your iSight. Mental Case schedules the note to reappear at future dates. When you have a few minutes to spare, you watch the scheduled notes in a slide show. Mental Case makes learning a pleasure.

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6 Opinions

This app just keeps getting better and better. The 1.5 update was huge. It was like Christmas, with all the enhancements that it got. I have not found Mental Case's equal anywhere in the Mac software universe. Highly recommended. For students (broadly defined), it's worth every penny, several times over.

Looks like you can also get a $5 discount at MacUpdate:

After my early experience I retried this today and must admit that Mental Case is awesome. Such a great piece of software.

"You can buy Mental Case for a limited time at the early-adopter rate of $19 (full-price $29). "

Check the ReadMe - it's a Beta at this stage. You should direct suggestions, etc. to the contact info listed in the PDF.

Looks like a cool app though, wonder what teh final $ will be.

This seems cool but the window when not maximized extends behind the dock and can only be resized horizontally. Pretty cool otherwise though.