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Version: 4.5.2 || Release Date: 2013-05-31 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Objectpark | App Owner: guns

This app replaces the date and time in your menubar with a fully customizable menu extra that displays an interactive drop-down monthly calendar. Displays calendar events and birthdays (requires registration, or willingness to deal with somewhat frequent nag screens), to do items, and will launch iCal when double clicked. The colors are also configurable. Expensive, but reclaims the valuable menubar space by adding much-needed functionality.

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I really like this program. Having my information in a simple, easy to see format in menu bar is a huge plus to how I like to work. I have never had any tech issues with this program at all, even under Lion. For me, it was easily worth the investment.

I wouldn't mind paying for this if it worked: but it keeps freezing when I add events to a Google Calendar that displays on iCal.

It's definitely overpriced for what it does.

Currently using v 4.1.1 Finally figured out how to remove the dock icon! Free version does exactly what I need; a drop down calendar when I click on my clock, and a quick preview of my events on hovered days. Downloaded MagIcal just to be safe; but I don't see myself using it.

i'm with gbut here.

in addition to that i have to say that no matter how many people have been using this tool before (including me): the pricing is out of control now. the massive approach of free solutions that cover most if not all of the given tasks of this software should at least lead to a massive price cut! 2 weeks ago i could buy parallels for the worth of 2 licenses of menu calendar clock. i expect a kind of reflection for that reality to reenable my support.

iSlayer just came up with a widget with speedy access to the current iCal tasks, notes and todo's and i expect the iStat menu to follow that. the controls for which element shows up in which way in the menu are as well beyond this software.

be glad to have a choice!

Be careful ! Developper cannot CARE LESS about his clients. No replies to emails. No support. No way to get a due REFUND. Payed upgrade version 3 is a crap introducing non requested buggy flawed features with no way to deactivate these new features. Leagcy users are not respected. Developpment company is not serious. This software used to 5 stars... NOT ANYMORE...

allows me to check my schedule quickly. i haven't found a freeware alternative and i have serious problems remembering appointments and stuff, so this thing is a life saver!!

For users who want quick access to their calendar without having to keep iCal running all the time, this app is worth the price. The customized calendar/clock in the toolbar is nice, but the real value of this app is in the quick and easy-to-use schedule drop-down.

IMO this app is not worth 19 bucks.. it's cool, good looking but charging this much for a clock replacement is just insane. There are some free alternatives (not as good but free ;]) and better ways of spending $19 on Mac software..

MagiCal is a good freeware alternative.

i know i'm hopping on the wagon a bit late, but this little app is amazing. the free version is great, but the additional scheduling/viewing abilities are well worth the $20, as well. i've switched all my scheduling over to iCal so I have a better excuse to play with menuClockCalendar more!

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