Version: 1.5bs || Release Date: 2007-03-28 || License: Shareware ($5) Developer: Ninja Kitten | App Owner: aptiva

Menufela is an application enhancer that lets you hide your menubar and/or the spotlight menu item.
You can also set a hotkey to toggle hiding in case you wouldn't like hiding to be on all the time.

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Reportedly causes Blue Screen of Death under Leopard, and takes some hacking to remove before you're able to boot again. Probably caused by Application Enhancer - see my comment here about this.

I experienced strange Dock and Exposé bugs after installing v1.5b: quit app from dock didn't work, Dock showed on full screen mode (eg: wth mplayer), exposé showed all windows instead of only windows from the current app... :(
I use the ClearDock module in Application Enhancer, so maybe there's a conflict. Anyway, with menufela disabled, everything is back to normal. :)

Perfect for MacBook users and others with screen space considerations. I'm all about Iceland, too.

Note to the maintainer: It should be "lets."

Brilliant idea. And so simple. And by Icelandic guys. Wonderful. My other favourite is WriteRoom. But Menufela together with TextEdit is just simple and perfect.

Quite lovely -- helps me achieve computing Zen, especially combined with:
- A plain-color Desktop picture
- hiding the Dock, as diggmacs mentioned
- Quicksilver for Dock-free launching
- MegaZoomer for full-screen goodness in most Cocoa apps

Using this app while also hiding the Dock makes my screen look so much cleaner and bigger to me--and the menubar comes back when I put the cursor at the top, like the Dock does for me at the bottom. Perfect!