Version: 1.8.1 || Release Date: 2014-10-23 || License: GPL App Owner: joran

MenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for MacOS X. You can choose each of the monitors you want to show in the menubar.

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Sorry. Disk image is OK. I probably needed to reboot ;-)

Hmm, disk image failed to mount (OS X 10.4.11 Tiger)

I used this forever, but switched a while back to iStat Menu for its aesthetics and added menu functionality. Menu Meters was an excellent product, but didn't keep up!

Just swapped from this to iStat menu, due to my Menu Meter network display disappearing on boot more often than I would like.


I use this to monitor my CPU and bandwidth usage. It helps me explain why my mac feel slow, or why the network is slow etc...
as other said, i feel blind without it !

Love it to death, but wish it had a drop-down with running processes, CPU load, and a way to re-nice/kill the memory-hogging process. It just sucks having to bring up Activity Monitor every time the system slows down. Otherwise, MenuMeters rocks!

It's absolutely perfect.

Insanely useful. I always have processor and bandwidth displays up.
Very, very, VERY nice to have. I miss the functionality on my PCs, and though I've found alternatives, none of them are anywhere near as easy or effective.

The best part of this is each meter is also a menu that allows you to bring up relavant apple utilities or control panels. Such a timesaver.

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