Version: 4.1.1 || Release Date: 2011-10-10 || License: Shareware ($1.99) Developer: Evan Coleman | App Owner: fiftyfour123

Get weather right in your menu bar.

MenuWeather is a simple, yet powerful, menu bar weather client.

▶ Super-accurate weather data from which provides weather to Fortune 100 and 500 companies
▶ Automatically determines your location
▶ Quick access to any number of days or hours of weather right in your menu bar
▶ 15 day forecast
▶ 2 day hourly forecast
▶ Radar maps
▶ Severe weather alerts (U.S. & Canada only, everywhere else coming soon)
▶ See the weather for multiple locations
▶ Many customization options
▶ Growl integration

Weather is available in every language through MenuWeather however, the application's preferences are only available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

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13 Opinions

Gotcha re: 10.6, I'd edit my previous comment if I could!

Manual location setting and forecasts are coming. Also, it doesn't require 10.6 because of CoreLocation, it is written in AppleScriptObjC which is a new framework in Snow Leopard which will not work on Leopard.

It has potential.

Missing some features. For instance, any sort of a forecast would be nice! Also, you can't manually set your location. If that were possible, I suspect the app wouldn't really need 10.6? But more importantly, this location system isn't flawless, and right now if it doesn't accurately determine where you are, you're out of luck.

A little bit buggy, as well…! It stopped showing the icons for me, and instead was just showing a gear icon (like you might expect for an 'options' dropdown type thing). Restarting it got my icons back, we'll see how long it lasts.

Again, has potential, but right now it's a bit lacking. Though nothing else seems to be working right now, so I guess I'm going to stick with it!

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