Version: 4.1.1 || Release Date: 2011-10-10 || License: Shareware ($1.99) Developer: Evan Coleman | App Owner: fiftyfour123

Get weather right in your menu bar.

MenuWeather is a simple, yet powerful, menu bar weather client.

▶ Super-accurate weather data from which provides weather to Fortune 100 and 500 companies
▶ Automatically determines your location
▶ Quick access to any number of days or hours of weather right in your menu bar
▶ 15 day forecast
▶ 2 day hourly forecast
▶ Radar maps
▶ Severe weather alerts (U.S. & Canada only, everywhere else coming soon)
▶ See the weather for multiple locations
▶ Many customization options
▶ Growl integration

Weather is available in every language through MenuWeather however, the application's preferences are only available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

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13 Opinions

Best application of its kind on OS X.

It's amazing and work fine. Thanks.

After the problems at the beginning it now works fine. Nice app, thanks :)

Amazing idea, this app. For a while, it's been working wonderfully.

But as of today I experienced an epic memory leak from the app, causing it to soak up 1,35 Gb of my RAM. Made my Mac quite slow for a while, but all seems back to normal again.

Otherwise a cool app.

Yeah, you do have to add the key, and yes it's a bool value. I fixed some bugs and I'm adding a crash reporting framework in the next version. It should be out sometime tomorrow.

Evan - no problem, will get to you shortly. BTW there wasn't a myDebug key in the info.plist to start with, I had to add the key (as a bool, I assume) - hopefully we're on track…!

Can you open the Info.plist file in the App bundle (control click on the app and show package contents) then change myDebug to true, then open Console (Application/Utilities/) and run MenuWeather. Then search menuweather in Console and copy and paste everything into an email to [email protected]

Rakaniaz - You're not alone. I wasn't noticing it at first (the startup is actually very quick for me, and the program works as expected for a while)…

But, after running for a while, it will get severely 'stuck,' as you say. Last time I was running it, I clicked it to check the weather… *45 minutes later* the menu dropped down. This is on a well-specced 8-core Mac Pro.

Think I'm going to let it chill for a while, check back in a few versions…!

I don't know why, but on my MacBook unibody (late 2009) it's quite unusable. When I start the App I must wait a long time before I can set my location and everytime it stucks really heavy. At this moment I don't want to test this on my iMac.

So, just in case anyone reads my previous comment - both forecast and manual location setting have been implemented now. Quite usable!

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