Merlin 2

Version: 2.9.1 || Release Date: 2013-04-16 || License: Shareware (US$ 195) Developer: ProjectWizards | App Owner: meetaa

Merlin 2 allows you to plan projects of all sizes. Designed exclusively for Mac OS X it is a feature rich tool, which allows your team to plan perfect projects.

Merlin provides you four different views. Each, offering you project information from a different point of view. Outline, Gantt, Netplan and the Utilization view offer powerful information graphically and in table form for you and your team.

Merlin offers you several practical information. These different types of information can be attached to a special activity, a phase or to the entire project. Compare this to a file that you would attach to an email. Similarly, Merlin attaches the Elements to an activity or other information to your project.

Merlin provides you an inexhaustible source of knowledge and information. The Library is a source for project specific information and can be used to drag and drop a variety of objects into the project.

Communicating with your team or clients has never been easier. Merlin 2 has its own reporting system. With this system it is possible to access prepared reports and share them with others.

Merlin helps you plan perfect projects within minutes and offers intelligent features to aid you throughout your planning process.

Project Management with a bit of magic!

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7 Opinions

great application for project-management
plays in the same class as ms-project - in terms of usability it even surpasses it

the most time-efficient function is cmd-Q.
nice gui, a lot of functions, better than ms project and i'm using it. but not recommend for non-projectmanagers.

A Must-have!!!

A Must-have, very well done app, supported by an excellent team.

Powerful. Stable. Better than MSProject. Missing a few useful features such as publish as web page (which is on the roadmap). Bottom line the best project management software I have used and I live by this stuff.

Great app supported by great people.