Version: 1.2.2 || Release Date: 2007-03-26 || License: Commercial with demo (Euro 8,95) Developer: nova media | App Owner: sleggat

Send, receive and store your SMS and manage names and numbers. Use Group-SMS and Multipart-SMS features and manage your SIM-card contacts easily.

Finally there is an easy way to create, send and receive SMS with your Mac and forget about that tiny keyboard on your mobile phone.

For SMS management, message2net offers a handy interface to store and sort all your SMS. And it supports Apple's Address Book for easy contact management.

message2net adds a convenient phonebook solution as well. It is as simple as drag and drop to copy contacts from your Address Book to the SIM-card and vice versa. Or just add a new number to your already existing contacts.

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1 Opinion

While this may not be the most elegant piece of software, I use it almost daily for sending SMS messages and backing up my phone contacts and Sent/Received SMSs. I have a V3 Razr and it's just too slow to compose/send SMS's so being able to type them on my Mac (with Spell-check) is very useful to me.