Version: 0.5.2 || Release Date: 2007-08-12 || License: Freeware Developer: Buttered Cat Software | App Owner: jfro

Small extensible utility for monitoring various system events. It comes with 4 plugins by default:

  • Volume is unmounted/mounted
  • Network events, IP release/obtained, wireless connect/disconnect, ethernet up/down
  • Bonjour services, when they come available or go away
  • Power changes, going on battery, charging, going on AC

This is a pre-1.0 release, so it's not quite polished. 1.0 it will have a couple more features along with the simple plugin SDK released.

This hopefully will be able to replace HardwareGrowler & Rawr-jour, 2 extras found in the Growl release.

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5 Opinions

Thanks for the feedback, the preference pane idea is definitely sounding more appealing and I may take that direction, there definitely is demand for the application to be completely hidden, so this might make the most sense.

Yeah. i agree with unwise. Hide this and have it hook into growl. And maybe an option for periodic battery updates? like, percentage or time. Growl notification when you have only 10% left, or 10minutes. something along those lines.

I like this app and the features built in, but I have some suggestions. I would much rather see it as a preference pane that is hidden away. The menubar icon is somewhat pointless when the only thing it does is quit the application and allow you to open the preferences. (which doesn't allow you to do all that much) And since growl display's the application icon when it notifies something it would be nice with a nice application icon, maybe even different icons for different notifications. If that's possible.

The plugins might have failed to be built as universal, I'll look into it

Doesn't work at all on my iBook. Preferences are empty aswell as the growl-options for this programm. :/ What can I do?