Metanota Pro

Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2014-02-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: Bogdan Farca | App Owner: richert

Metanota is a beautiful OSX client and editor for creating and managing notes using the well known SimpleNote cloud service.
Other note-taking cloud providers will follow shortly.

The Pro version is advertising free and all options are activated by default.

• All functions are easy to see and access

The user interface is carefully streamlined, no unnecessary elements are left floating around.
Metanota’s goal is to avoid interfering between you and your work.

• Intelligent auto-formatting

The note editor automatically formats the first line of a note as header and shows lists as, well, lists.
Just put a dash (-) or a bullet (•) and space in front of a paragraph and the correct indentation is added at once.
Or, if you like plain and simple text, you can selectively turn off each feature.

• 100% in sync with your SImplenote account

All notes and tags, even deleted notes, are kept perfectly synchronized
But you can work offline as long as you want.

• Fully manage Simplenote tags

Tags are presented as folders, making easy to neatly organize your content.
Local folders can be created, renamed or deleted, every change being promptly replicated to your SimpleNote account.
And, last but not least, Metanota is maybe the only option we have to actually rename a Simplenote tag.

Just try it !

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