Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

Version: 11.5.5 || Release Date: 2009-06-09 || License: Commercial with demo ($399.95) Developer: Microsoft Corporation | App Owner: josh

Enhances security and stability.

Microsoft Office 2004 allows you to experience the beauty, power, and stability of all four Microsoft Office for Mac programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage.

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here is a blog post that solves some issues with using office on an intel mac.

At last, some compatibilty with pc's.
I'm sure the fact that it crashes more often than ANY other app I have has nothing to do with it being a microsoft product.

I think Office 2004 for Mac is gorgeous. Entourage worked seamlessly with our office Exchange server, faster and with more useful features than PC. Word, Excel and Powerpoint all work typically better than the PC variants. I have not tried OpenOffice, but as kurisu says above I really need complete compatibility and it all just to work -- and it does. Worth every penny for me.

@badgerou : I work (as in "pay for food") with documents from my clients made in MS Word and Excel. I can't afford the time to deal with the approximate (albeit very impressive) compatibility of OpenOffice and the related headaches. I deal with multi-lingual documents, complex tables, long formulas... MS Office already has problems with its own file formats !

I kind of like this suite. I use Excel and Word every day, and it's powerful. Sure, other apps probably works better for many, but Word has what I need.

For those that are saying that they must use MS office, have you tried OpenOffice? For many users, it is all they need to work with others who use MS Office, as you can open/read/save/etc in most MS formats.

Although, I have to say, Excel is the best application of it's type I've ever used.

I have to use this, though I wish I could use something else. The mere fact that you have to buy a <b>localised</b> version and are stuck with it unless you buy it again in another language (I am talking about the interface here) is annoying enough. But the lack of decent Exchange support (try to connect to an Exchange server with a strict admin and the latest patches with Entourage : impossible) makes it just bad. Expensive, slow, but the only real option if your clients send you MS Office files.

THE WORST APP EVER!!!!!! I can not express how much I hate this app. Use iWork intead!

I've found Word incredibly sluggish, there is no comparison speedwise between the Mac and Windows versions regardless of whether you're using Intel or PPC.

Excel is the best application Microsoft has ever made, my Mac would be useless to me without Excel.

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