Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

Version: 11.5.5 || Release Date: 2009-06-09 || License: Commercial with demo ($399.95) Developer: Microsoft Corporation | App Owner: josh

Enhances security and stability.

Microsoft Office 2004 allows you to experience the beauty, power, and stability of all four Microsoft Office for Mac programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage.

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Microsoft committed to making Office Universal, but very likely it will be concurrent with the next release of Office for Mac. That probably won't happen until next year. My best guess is around the time of Macworld SF in January.

I just started using Office 2004 on my new Macbook. Apart from a slight slowdown in launching, while Rosetta translates it for the Intel chip, it runs faster than it did on my G4 iMac. Way faster, particularly in Entourage, which I use heavily for mail, contacts, and calendar. MacTech magazine has an extended review of Office on a Mactel, which anyone interested should read:

Office 2004 benchmarks on Intel Macs:

I'd rather use office on a mac than on windows. Sure is purty in comparison...

Excel is a must for people using "numbers", Word is a hated but necessary program.

People say "sadly" only because Microsoft is the publisher. It so happens that Microsoft is one of the best publishers of large-scale commercial software on the Mac. The best-performing and bug free software when compared to so many other publishers.

A lot of recent Apple software is really good, but "Pages" is not at all comparable to Word. It's more of a layout application rather than a word processor. I will agree that Keynote is nicer than Pagemaker though.

Word and Excel are a powerful and well-designed duo for the Mac without equals at any price from any publisher. I don't use Entourage.

sadly use this. occasionally.

Definitely a must on my mac sine it helps me work with Windows users at the University.

Necessary when people send you files. But I would pick Pages and Keynote any day over Word and PowerPoint. But I love Excel! It really is a great app. I don't think Numbers/Charts (or whatever Apple calls their secret unreleased spreadsheet) will come close. And if you use Exchange, Entourage is pretty good especially now that it works with Spotlight.

i only use this because i have to, once in a while. that being said, i think MS's Mac division has done a great job making this more stable and usable than previous versions.

It's always seem quite ponderous and clunky compared to the Windows version. Obviously under Rosetta it's even slower to start and with occasional mysterious beachballs.

Wish Apple would hurry up and give us an office suite with snap!

Does anyone have any idea when MS will release Universal Office?

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