Microsoft Office 2008

Version: 12.3.6 || Release Date: 2013-03-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($399) Developer: Microsoft Corporation | App Owner: meissnem

Microsoft® Office v. X for Mac was the first Office productivity suite designed exclusively for Mac OS X. Each edition comes with Microsoft Word X, Microsoft Entourage® X, Microsoft Excel X, and Microsoft PowerPoint® X. Professional Edition also includes Virtual PC for Mac Version 6.1 for those who work in multi-platform environments.

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BIG advice : i moved to :
VMWare + Windows Seven + Office 2007 = faster than Office 2008 :(

Why pay $399 for this when you can download Sun's Open Office, which does everything that MS Office does and more. Open Office is free and its files do not have the hidden code that always accompanies MS programs. Open Office is particularly useful for sharing files between platforms using Asian languages.

That's office 2008 BTW :) not sure why appfresh/iusethis got the name wrong. :)

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