Midnight Inbox

Version: 1.6.0 || Release Date: 2012-05-16 || License: Shareware ($35) Developer: Midnight Beep Softworks | App Owner: blackmorpheus

GTD to-do list and file manager.

Midnight Inbox helps you work smarter and with less stress, automating your inputs and organizing your tasks, files, and information so that you can always be in control. Collect emails, files, calendar and to-do items and notes automatically. Process all of your collected items into to-do items you can actually do when and where you are able. Organize those to-do items into projects you can track easily. Review your lists, projects, and collections to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Do everything on your lists with a Zen-like focus.

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Well, it's autumn and we're still waiting for the spring release of version 2.0. I guess that's why their slogan is a snatch of verse ending in "at noon, the midnight beep"; they have time issues. I'm sorry about the delay, because I could use an app like this with its built-in "yak timer." But 1.3 was not doing the job.

Where Inbox stands out from the current small crowd of GTD apps is that it tries to computerize as much as possible of the entire GTD process, and not just act as an electronic version of your notebook and filing cabinet. For instance, in addition to letting you enter items with a global hot-key at any time, it can also monitor Mail, iCal, bookmarks, or files, and collect everything new for you automatically, so you can sort through it to identify tasks at a time of your choosing.

Inbox is quite usable now, though not quite 'rock-solid'; say, 'oak-solid'. The few glitches are minor, like drag-and-drop re-ordering of lists not always 'taking', not like losing stuff.
They are working on Inbox 2, now, and will offer it as a free upgrade to Inbox 1 owners. The Inbox 2 development process is a lot more disciplined, so Inbox 1's disappointingly long beta phase should be much shorter for its succcessor.

Inbox is getting better and better; I registered it two or three versions ago and it has progressed a lot, mainly in terms of stability. I hope they continue improving Inbox and get a little inspiration from OmniFocus :)

It's progressed a LOT since most of the comments on here - they just released 1.0 - but it should really have been 0.10.0 or something, because this is not ready for taking out of beta! It still has lots of bugs (though most of the killer/crashers/database loosers seem to be taken care of). All in all, however, this is an AWESOME piece of software.

Remarkably intelligent and attractive little application though still in beta phase. I will definitely be using it, though in my opinion it is best employed as a COMPLEMENT to another more standard GTD application such as Yojimbo, with the latter used to store and retrieve information and Midnight Inbox to manage project, ideas and follow-ups including files on the desktop and emails.

Pity it requires you to use Apple’s Mail, when so many people are switching to Gmail and loving it...

Also would need to be iSync compatible so it can be synchronised across several computers in the same way as SOHO and Yojimbo.

1.0.1 is very stable for me, and it's the best GTD app out there so far!

Nicely done.

I think its a nice app, but the learning curve is to long, and 0.9.7 was crashing all the time.

I hope the next release will allow another trial period; 0.9.7 crashes so much I couldn't properly evaluate it.

Very beta and VERY promising.

Waiting for the stability - but it already has that Apple ooooh interface, and is just the sort of thing that Mac users like (makes WIndows users wonder why they don't get cool stuff like this :) )

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