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Version: 1.11.2 || Release Date: 2015-05-05 || License: Shareware ($24.95) Developer: Markus Mueller | App Owner: aquarius80

MindNode Pro is an elegant and simple-to-use mindmapping application for the Macintosh. It was created with the user in mind and features a very clean interface for quickly creating visually appealing mind maps. MindNode Pro is based on the same code-base as MindNode and provides additional functionality that help to improve your productivity. The new features are integrated very carefully into the application and only surface when they are really required.

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I signed up here just so I could praise this app. I tried just about every mind mapping app for mac and/or windows out there before discovering and settling on MindNode. . . I haven't looked back since (upgraded to MindNode Touch and Pro a year later, well worth the price).

With other mind mappers, I spent 1/2 my time trying to make something beautiful-looking, rather than organizing my thoughts. . . Mind node always gives me colorful, beautiful, elegantly minimal results. . .whether I like it or not. . . and usually before I've even taken my second sip of coffee. . . It's that "blank sketchbook" you've been looking for, trust me.

I find myself wanting do do everything in MindNodePro, and by "everything" I mean todo lists, word processing, musical composition, animation. . . I wish all my apps were designed with the same principles and ideals in mind.

This is far the best mind mapping tool for Mac,
Thx Markus for a great program


Very simple to use! A very elegant piece of software!

This is great stuff - mind mapping and nothing else - the software does not get in your way, doesn't distract from your thinking. That plus great tech support. I highly recommend it!

I like this software because of it’s simplicity. No unnecessary ”power” features that distract the user from the real issue, creative thinking and organization of concepts and thoughts. MindNode has become an everyday tool for me in my creative planning.

Have to say, loving it so far - same kudos - simplicity, elegance and speed... very little clutter.

Yet here I am, asking for a little bit of clutter / presentation value - any chance of setting it up so you can either import r drag n' drop images? Might be really useful to me...

Simply great

I don't usually comment on apps, but this one is well worth it ! It's nice, simple, and efficient. Plus, as said above, the dev is responsive if you have issues, and plans to include great features, so give all the support you can, the upgrade to the Pro version is well worth it.

Remarkably efficient thought catapult.

I love its simplicity and focus on ideas, rather than presentation of ideas, which seems to be what most other mindmap programs are shooting for.

Just as the interface is uncluttered, so this app helps me keep my ideas uncluttered. Really nice.

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