Version: 3.6a1pre || Release Date: 2009-06-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Mozilla | App Owner: pinheadlarry1024

A Cocoa version of Mozilla's popular web browser, Firefox.

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Minefield is extremely stable these days and includes a much faster javascript engine, even faster than google's V8 and most addons still function without a hitch.

I find this to be pretty stable these days and much better than version 2! I get mine from:

I've been looking forward to this ever since I heard about firefox 3.0 for mac being written in Cocoa. I might play with this but I'm definitely sticking with Camino as my primary for the time being.

I've been using this for about a month now without any problems. In fact, the reason I decided to post a comment is because it actually saved my ass!

To make a long story short, I had to take a timed online college midterm for one of my lecture classes the other day. Every single browser I attempted to use (including Safari, Opera, I.E. for Mac, Netscape, FireFox 1.5.4, and OminWeb) didn't work. All of the other browsers wouldn't render the site correctly, and Safari decided to keep crashing at completely random times (4 times in total, and I rarely have Safari crash on me). So I decided to give MineField a chance and lo and behold everything magically worked.

After the exam I talked with a few of my other fellow classmates 'slash' mac users and they had all experience similar problems (which is why they now get to take a make-up exam in the PC lab).

Though it is called Minefield. . . maybe I just got lucky and didn't step on one? :-)

This is a very unstable version of Firefox. Actually, it's a nightly build of what will be Firefox 3.
This build is not guaranted and could break your system. Don't use it unless you know what you are doing !