Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2006-09-21 || License: Freeware Developer: http://www.mindquirk.com/ | App Owner: gaffer

It's about time. PC users have been parading around with their minesweeper games for long enough.

It all ends now. mindquirk software presents the definitive minesweeper for any platform. Featuring customizable tilesets, customizable music tracks, saved games, and last but not least, it's good looking. That's more than anyone else can claim, we think.

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EDIT: sorry, scratch that....it looks like macupdate has removed it too (I could've sworn it worked earlier).

Anyway, it looks like this is not to be found anywhere any more. There is an alternative (fully supported) mine sweeper app in Cocoa called Mine Game. Customisable tile sets like this and also looks very nice and aqua like.

It's still available via macupdate

Alternatively here is the direct download link

anybody have this app saved yet? its not on the site anymore..

No longer available on the site indicated.

It still doesn't look like the windows one. All I want is a simple mindsweeper with all the features (including the left+right-click check) and none of the mac minesweeper apps I've ever downloaded do that. They all try too hard to look pretty, when all I want is to play the game.

I'll give this one a try though.

The NICEST looking minesweeper clone out there full stop.......and it's FREE to boot :D