Version: 4.1 || Release Date: 2010-10-28 || License: Freeware App Owner: lostinmysphere

mini$ is a miniature sized money manager that features simplicity and power in a small package.

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The developer's email is: rothearl @[NOSPAM]gmail . com

He's really friendly, a truly great developer. I put the spaces in (as well as the nospam) just incase spam robots come by..

How do I get into contact with the developer?

2.1 was only just released. I hadn't realised so hadn't updated the program page. The update from 1.5 to 2.1 was real quick.

This is actually version 2. It's a nice program for simple account maintenance.

This program is as easy to use as a checkbook, and it has been a lifesaver for me. It's powerful, but simple enough that it's not overwhelming. It helped me get an accurate idea of my income and expenses, and where my money was going as far as debts and savings.