Version: 1.8.5 || Release Date: 2009-09-06 || License: Shareware (N/A) Developer: Claudio Procida | App Owner: claudiopro

MiniBatteryLogger monitors your batteries.

Monitor local and remote batteries, collect and manage the graphs of charge, amperage and other power properties over time. Power events are notified with Growl alerts, logged with time and date.

Learn every detail of your batteries with the battery inspector. Save monitoring sessions to disk for later analysis and manage them from the sessions browser. Collect evidence to diagnose battery defects early.

Share battery data among users and compare your battery against the others. Monitor batteries of other computers running MBL, MiniBatteryStatus or the standalone battd daemon (included) over the network.

MiniBatteryLogger requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

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Does anyone know of a similar app for Windows?

Tip: how to monitor a remote laptop battery?

In the "slave" computer:
- run the battd daemon included in MiniBatteryLogger's DMG
- open TCP port 4153 in the system firewall

In the "master" computer:
- run MiniBatteryLogger
- Choose "Connect..." from the "Battery" menu, then enter the IP address of the slave computer
- Enable "Look for shared batteries" in the "Sharing" preference pane
- The slave computer's battery will be automatically discovered with Bonjour
(only applicable if the master and the slave computer are on the same local network)

umm. free evaluation key expired today. website is down. can't register, any news?

Free evaluation keys are available here until the registration will be working. Sorry for the inconvenience.

First rate app, worth registering.

CB is a nice and well written app, you can't compare it with MBL though. MBL offers a superset of the features of CB. MBL runs on Panther, too (whereas CB AFAIK uses CoreData).
If you don't need the additional features of MBL, stick to it :)

I'll stick with CoconutBattery. It's free.

Sorry, something surely got screwed up at my hosting.
It should work fine now :)

Anybody has a working link? The developer site seems to be down. :(