Version: 1.10 || Release Date: 2009-07-22 || License: Commercial with demo (212.00) App Owner: maeghan

Minimoog Emulation On Steroids

Simply put, if you want a straightforward copy of a Minimoog, with little to chew on besides the obvious, you might be better off looking elsewhere. However, if you want a Minimoog on steroids and with plenty of attitude the Minimonsta:Melohman is the emulation for you. Because, whereas until now the numerous Minimoog clones have simply attempted to copy the original instrument and add the odd one or two features such as polyphony and another LFO, the Minimonsta takes a radically different look at this vintage masterpiece.

The original instrument was manufactured between 1971 and 1982 and was an instant classic thanks to it's musician friendly logical layout, tactile front panel, warm oscillators and powerful 24dB lowpass filter. In its time 13,000 were sold but in keeping with many other classic instruments, if you want one now, be prepared to pay handsomely.

The Minimonsta is a highly detailed and accurate emulation of this original instrument which operates on two levels.

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