Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-03-28 || License: Freeware Developer: nitram+nunca | App Owner: splutter

Minutes is a countdown timer application featuring polished graphics and advanced interface. It works on Mac OS X Dashboard and has more functionalities.

An intuitive small application, you just dial the knob only to set the counting time. No repetitive button clicking is needed, or the editing of text-boxes.

It is very easy, simple and smart. The dial Interface keeps it's look minimal and the interactions, like fading animations and moving slider knob, help you to understand whether Minutes is counting and how long until the target time. Also the fading light gradually relaxes you - who are managing your time.

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i love this widget :D

the only dashboard timer I've found that has the option repeat the countdown

I like this a lot, it is indeed easier to use than any other dashboard timer I've tried. I prefer the (much?) older version where there is a list of default sounds to be chosen from. Now, if I could have that with an option to play any old thing, that would be even better.

it is now (2.0)

not leopard compatible (1.1.1)

You can associate Play Sound to .aiff file used by Minutes if you don't want to have iTunes or another big app to open or have its playlist disturbed when the alarm goes off.

This is a Dashboard widget, not an app -- your listing needs to be corrected.

(No offense to Minutes -- it is a very nice Dashboard widget.)

The developer added a setting that allows playing simple alert sounds instead of interfacing with itunes. I use this program for everything from cooking pizza to making sure I dont work too hard

Really nice :D Better than any other dashboard-timer I've found, and it has the ability to play iTunes playlists or open a file when the timer runs out.