Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2011-07-01 || License: GPL Developer: Participatory Culture Foundation | App Owner: sarnesjo

Miro is a free application that turns your computer into an internet TV video player.

The Mac version of Miro uses Quicktime 7, which is built into the operating system, to play video. In addition, it uses plugins for Quicktime to play even more video types. The Mac version can play MPEG, MP4, MOV, H264, Flash, Xvid, AVI, OGG, and more.

Previously known as Democracy.

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Democracy is still a relatively new app, which is being refined and polished daily.

The Channel Guide was completely reworked, and a lot of interesting content was added. You can also always propose new video feeds for inclusion in the Channel Guide in the Democracy forum. Default preloaded channels were revised as well.

Overall, a lot of severely annoying, as well as minor bugs were ironed out for 0.9.6. If you still happen to stumble upon new ones, just take a minute to report it in their bugtracker. Projects like these thrive on user generated content and feedback.

Also a lot of useful (built in srt subtitle support) and much requested features (implementation of watch folders being the most notable one) are present in 0.9.6, as the bundled Perian has been updated (it even supports mkv now) already.

Point being, should it have failed to deliver earlier on, definitely give Democracy another shot as 0.9.6 once it is released (anytime now), and help out by providing feedback if you can. Thanks already.

9.5.3. needs some major work...it ships with a bunch of broken links in the sample channels, the channel guide never stops loading, it ships set to play all videos (so if you have a series in iTunes, you need to go through every episode and skip it before you can do anything else), and it would never quit -- I had to use Activity Monitor to Force Quit it every time. There was a fix for the channel guide in the developer's support forums, but it didn't work for me (nor for others) so I've given up. Maybe check back in a few months.

it seems fine to me?

Can you please fix the download link! Would be really great.

It does seem like a nice player. Too bad there's nothing out there worth watching.

My favorite app.
Just wish that it would save playback positions if you navigate away from vids. How about option to open in another window?? That would rock.

This+ tvrss.net = heaven.

Excellent app. I'd love to see it support either external players (NicePlayer) or borderless, alway-on-top mode when playing.

Holy cow. This is an awesome app. Runs smoothly, fast video downloads. Very intuitive GUI.


this link explains how to set up Democracy.

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