Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2011-07-01 || License: GPL Developer: Participatory Culture Foundation | App Owner: sarnesjo

Miro is a free application that turns your computer into an internet TV video player.

The Mac version of Miro uses Quicktime 7, which is built into the operating system, to play video. In addition, it uses plugins for Quicktime to play even more video types. The Mac version can play MPEG, MP4, MOV, H264, Flash, Xvid, AVI, OGG, and more.

Previously known as Democracy.

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Too bad it doesn't play wmv files:

[Miro 3.5.1, Mac OS 10.5]

Cool linking to Hulu, but interface is like a wanna-be Vuze but with no sharing to iTunes/TiVo/Xbox/PS3/etc.
Cool, but disappointing... 3.5/5

Miro is very nice.

Caution: I upgraded to version 2.0 today, and it deleted some items in my Miro library!!! These items were in feeds I wasn't subscribed to, but that I had downloaded and kept.
(The message 'WARNING removing orphaned downloader' appears in dtv-log.)

Change log is here.
(This information hasn't been copied to iusethis's version history.)

although xul & python based, this application is a fantastic idea which is beautifully implemented. there are a small handful of minor interface bugs, but it generally fits in nicely with the look, feel & function(s) of os x and overall, miro is pretty damn stable & quick. i mostly use it as a conduit for educational and news related videos/video feeds, but its built-in guide/browser offers one many different types of content as well... and if you can't find it in there, you can always add external feeds to your channel list as well.

i switched over to miro from joost after their builds started getting hefty unstable and the joost team announced their intention to switch over to a flash/browser-based interface. i don't regret this one bit at all though. after all, joost was not an os x "native" program either. plus, knowing that i am using a community developed, open-source application which supports a much wider array of codecs, including of-course, open-source formats, (not to mention its integrated library feature, which allows one to access local videos sitting on their hard-drive as well) makes me feel "that much better".

i would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone interested, and am looking forward to seeing it undergo further development.

For those who like French TV, it has a stream of the Zapping de Canal+: a very good daily best of French TV:

- it's a memory hog application.
- slow and heavy since it's based on the XUL technology from Mozilla
- Not cocoa!
- has some weird issues with leopard

- unlike iTunes it also enable you to watch and subscribe youtube channels
- has a very nice portal for browsing and picking up your favorite channels. I wish apple store has something pretty slick like this

Another update to miro and it still links to the Windows version. Will you puhleeeze get your shit together?

The download link still points to the Windows version:


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