Missing Sync for Palm OS

Version: 6.0.4 || Release Date: 2008-05-28 || License: Commercial with demo (39.95) App Owner: null_pointer

Your cool Palm OS device needs the best sync software to truly unlock its potential. That software is The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Designed from the ground up to support the latest Palm OS devices and Apple technologies, The Missing Sync for Palm OS provides everything you need to be more productive and keep on top of your day. Read on to see what you're missing without it.

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7 Opinions

Essential app for palm users on the mac. Worth the price.

I'm so glad I chucked the Palm software and went with this. It syncs beautifully between my Mac and Palm T3. It also integrates with iCal and AddressBook, which I can then sync with my iPod. Highly recommended.

i bought 4.x and in less than a year got socked with a $25 upgrade fee for 5.x. ouch. happily still using 4.x. good app, just beware of upgrade charges.

I don't find anywhere the way to try it with the demo... Where is it ?

I use kGTD (kinkless.com) with OmniOutliner Pro to sync up with iCal; and Missing Sync provides the means to access all my contextual to-do lists on my palm. Worth the buy for that reason alone.

if you have any Palm device and a Mac, this is absolutely essential and worth every penny. the feature set is nothing short of amazing!

If you have a Palm device, and you want it to work easily with iCal and Address Book - this is the app to buy. And they update regularly. Very nice.