Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

Version: 4.0.1 || Release Date: 2007-12-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($39.95) App Owner: toby

Syncing solution for Windows Mobile 5 smartphones and pocket pcs. Beta and buggy, but works all right.

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6 Opinions

Not a very good application - unintuitive, does things you don't expect, not very flexible - but it seems to be the only choice at the moment if you want to sync a Mac with a Window Mobile phone.

Terrible application. Version 2.0 worked fine on my phone (a supported device) but ever since paying for the 3.0 upgrade my phone has never synced. In fact the only thing it does reliably is erase my contacts. The 4.0 beta was no better. Avoid this application.

Don't like it, but it works better than anything else on the market. Still have problems with Bluetooth sync on my WM200SE device, but the new notes feature in v.3 is pretty cool.
Best advice: don't get a Windows Mobile phone if you've got a Mac. Unless it has some other feature that is a killer one for you (GPS/SatNav package on T-mobile did it for me).

A truly awful application. Duplicate address entries and ignoring newly created contacts on my device were just the start of my frustrations. Although techsupport were responsive their only advice was to reset syncing history. This was their solution to every problem...

worked fine until I did the expensive update.... grgrgrgr! Now it really annoys me... and it won't sync with my adressbook, techsupport not helpfull at all...

v.3.0 works great with windows mobile 5.0,I don't like their update policy - it is very expansive - especially for early adopters like me.