Version: 1.2.8 || Release Date: 2012-04-07 || License: Commercial with demo (US$69/39) Developer: Atomic Droplet | App Owner: rantydave

Make mixes from the music you already have then publish back to iTunes/iPod or onto the web.

MixTape is a simple, beautiful and easy to learn application for making beat matched mixes.

By simply drag dropping the music you already have in iTunes (or from the finder), MixTape adds detected tempo and beats. Tracks are then dragged onto a workspace where they now "snap to grid" along their beats and play in sync. Emphasised markers show where musical phrases start and a simple envelope adds that all important final polish to your mixes. MixTape Pro adds a "HiLo" control, dropping the bass or treble for cleaner mixes; A "live" UI where you can hear what is under the playhead at all times and a spectrogram visualises beats and phrases with better clarity then traditional waveform displays.

Mixes can then be exported at a configurable bitrate back into iTunes to play on your Mac, iPod or iPhone; or published directly onto the web with no additional accounts, services or software.

MixTape Pro adds the ability to play your mixes live through a second audio interface. The live stream will also emit midi so lighting or VJ rigs can be kept in sync with the music as it is played. Pro can use a 'night' colour scheme to reduce glare when playing in dark environments.

Far simpler than either an audio workstation or a DJ app, MixTape embraces the Mac aesthetic to blend in perfectly with your desktop. Finally a short series of video tutorials emphasise 'show' over 'tell' and creative commons licensed demo mixes both show what can be done and how.

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3 Opinions

20 years ago when I started out djing with a pari of Technics, I though/hoped/dreamt one day there would be some software where you could pretty simply drag and drop songs into a mix - This is mixtape!

There are lots of mixing apps out there but they all have bizzare interfaces. The capability and interface of mixtape makes it by far the best mixing app for OSX. 10/10

Reply to daven (can I do that?): Beat matching and "one click" publishing to a web service. See http://mixes.atomicdroplet.com/demo/wellington

What is is doing, a free one can't do seriously?