MOApp's myMailBoy

Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2011-03-25 || License: Shareware (4.95) Developer: MOApp Software Manufactory | App Owner: hertzchen

The cutest way to keep an eye on your inbox.

MOApp's myMailBoy - The cutest way to keep an eye on your inbox.

Working in fullscreen mode (thanks to MenuAndDockless for example)?
Working with hidden Dock?
Unhappy with the tiny Dock badge of
Simply need more information than an unread count?

That's when myMailBoy comes into play.
myMailBoy periodically searches for new unread messages in your Inbox and displays them incl. preview in an unobtrusive HUD on top of all other Apps - enabling you to decide what to do next.

Ignore them for now.
Answering them.
Deleting them or even mark them as junk mail.

myMailBoy is a Menu bar application with custom Global Hotkey and hidden Dock icon. You can customize its behavior to your needs and the shortcuts from are available in myMailBoy, too…

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