Version: 1.04 || Release Date: 2009-02-14 || License: Commercial with demo (399) Developer: Widget Press Inc | App Owner: fulltilt

Build CakePHP compatable applications simply and easily. Turn the code into an iPhone app in one click

ModelBaker is a remarkable application that delivers point and click development so you can do amazing things for your business, your customers, organization and school. Rapidly build a corporate intranet from scratch. Create custom client web applications based on templates you’ve created. Place your classroom online and offer your students mobile access from an iPhone, iPod touch or Google Android.

And build it all with no programming and with a single mouse click.

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2 Opinions

This is little more than a GUI to open source cakephp's bake commandline tool and iui tacked on.

It looks nice? Yes.
Worth $399? ... Maybe $39.99

The developer should look at for a better iphone interface, and also include xamp instead of the user requiring to setup mamp(i also found the video and written documentation a little incongruent in setting up mysql and a web host)

This product is awesome. You can build a website very quickly, apply templates to make it look slick and deploy to an iPhone and/or Android device with a few clicks. It creates CakePHP-compatible code that you can customise (if needed) to fulfil any task. Great forum help if you need it as well.