Version: 3500 || Release Date: 2009-06-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Deusty Designs | App Owner: deusty

Mojo (formerly known as Maestro) is a new way to share music. With just two clicks, you are ready to browse, play, and download music from other Mojo users on the Internet and local network.

Select a user to share with, and Mojo opens a browsing window. Songs you already have in your library are grayed out. Also, protected songs display in red. Check the checkbox next to the songs you wish to download. When your selection is complete, click one button and you're done. All the songs you have selected will be automatically downloaded and added to your iTunes library.

If manually choosing the music is too much work, try using the playlist subscriptions. Choose any playlist to subscribe to, and Mojo will automatically download and update the latest changes to that playlist anytime the other user is online.

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Seems as if you also couldn't use SSL in Freeversion.
I just can't.

It was kinda hard to find.... but I saw this on the FAQ:

6. What limitations does Mojo have if I don't purchase a license?
Mojo does not limit the length of time you can use the application. Also, there are no limitations on browsing users over the local network. Mojo only limits the number of Internet buddies whose music you can browse.

Oh, it's so annoying when free apps hide the info on what's included in their Pro versions, which costs money... I always want to know what's the catch, before starting to use things.

I might be missing something, but I couldn't find it on the developer website, what the Pro version actually does - it only says "buy Pro version"... ok, but what do I get?

Otherwise, looks like a really, really useful application.

Maestro now = Mojo?

Maybe because of these guys:

That is the great thing about this product. It directly accesses the songs on the file system unlike other products like ourTunes which rely on ripping the music from the proprietary apple streaming protocol. In fact, you don't even need iTunes to be running to transfer songs between computers. All you need is Maestro running on both computers!

I thought Apple blocks this sort of thing with each new iTunes update.

This application allows you to download music from other users on your network. (You're restricted to simply listening to their music with iTunes) For example, install it on your computer, and a friends computer who's on the same local network, and you can use Maestro to browse the other person's iTunes library. Then you choose the music you want to download to your computer, click a button, and it will download all the songs for you and add them into your iTunes library. The downloading is extremely fast since it's over the network. And the other person doesn't even need to have iTunes running.

Also, you can subscribe to other people's playlists, and Maestro will keep your playlist in sync with theirs, automatically downloading any songs you don't have.