Version: 1.4.2 || Release Date: 2008-02-04 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Atomic Bird | App Owner: atomicbird

MondoMouse is a mouse enhancement for Mac OS X 10.4. It adds cool new capabilities to your mouse. Move or resize any window without clicking on it or bringing it to the front. Find and identify any window instantly without using Expose. Make focus follow the mouse, switching windows or applications just by letting your mouse hover over them.

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Just discovered this app. Amazing! Dunno how I live without it


You admit that you haven't downloaded MondoMouse and you don't know how it works, so why bother confusing people by saying that this is something OS X does out of the box? It's not.

MondoMouse let's you move and resize windows by using the keyboard combination of your choice. It's a feature common in many Unix "Window Managers", but you can't move and/or resize windows so easily if you don't do Mondo.

I am NOT in any way affiliated with MondoMouse. I just think it's a great product and hope that others try and register it. You can check my profile and see that I use quite a lot of Mac software, but this is one of the few apps that I really love!

QuickSilver, MondoMouse, iTerm, and KeyClick. My Mac wouldn't be so great to use without them!

Ever need to move that background window so that you can write some notes related to what you're looking at? Ever want to position your windows right next to each other? Do you need to read something in your email in the window behind your web browser? Does finding the bottom right corner of the window just to resize it drive you a bit crazy? MondoMouse can take care of all this for you.

Personally, I use Mondo with the FN key to active window moving and FN + CTRL to active window resizing. Works great on my Mac Book Pro and my old PowerBook too!

I've been using MondoMouse for about 2 months now. I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with the product. I registered the product within 48 hours of downloading the shareware version and I couldn't be happier.

MondoMouse works by using Mac OS X's STANDARD accessability API, so it's not some unsanity type hack. It's a legit part of the system. If you've got the developer tools installed, you can launch:


For example, I'm also a fan of the Textmate editor, but it doesn't support Apple's accessibility API at the moment, so I've registered skEdit instead.

The application's author has been extremely responsive to bug reports and even released a fix to a "CAPS LOCK" related bug within a few days of the bug report.

If you ever used the old Unix Window Maker Window Manager and are familiar with the luxury of moving and sizing windows without bothering to click the right place on the window to do so, you'll love MondoMouse.

I've already tested it on my developer copy of Panther and it works great. Can't recommend it highly enough. This is something Apple should definitely include in the Core OS. Works great with Path Finder too!

Yeah, val1984, but GeekBind doesn't work on Intel Macs, and hasn't been updated in a year, and the project is dead. You could probably get it to work on Intel but you'd have to be a software developer yourself to even figure out how.

GeekBind does about the same but it is free :P