Version: 3.6.5 || Release Date: 2010-09-02 || License: Commercial with demo ($39) Developer: Jumsoft | App Owner: adc89

Money 2. It is the all-new, easy-to-use and fun accounting application for your personal or small business use.

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This app is being offered in the new offer. 6 apps normally retailed at $186 in total being sold for $29, with 20% going to the Haiti relief effot. This app is amazing, and I suggest if you want this app and 6 others for the price of one, you get it from here before the 4th of feb.

This app does support multiple currencies, but not very well. A currency can be assigned to each account, but when viewing your total balance it doesn't convert everything to one currency. It just adds everything together.

I'm not sure why, because the preference let you define the rates. It even has a "automatic update" functionality.

what a nice utility!
I love it~~~
clean, clear and easy to use...

What a nifty helpful little tool this is. PERFECT to track your money and accounts. Very clean and easy to use interface. A must-have!

Is it just me, or can this program simply NOT keep a correct running balance?? Every time I load this up and add new transactions, it hardly ever adds up to what it should be. I have to keep manually correcting the starting balance. Very frustrating!

Good stuff, still feels a bit early in development (some bugs that shouldn't be there, and some missing features), but is cleaner than iBank, and outperforms it for sure. Nice interface.

I have tried Moneydance, iBank, Checkbook, and others and didn't care for any of them much. It was a toss up between this app and iBank. I decided to go with this one. The interface was clean and easy to use. The reconcile feature is a little funky but Im sure it will be improved upon.

Very nice software..

Very fast, and, of all the personal financing apps I've tried, Money has the best reporting scheme I've seen.