Version: 2.7.2 || Release Date: 2014-01-25 || License: BSD License Developer: Hardcoded Software | App Owner: hsoft

Evaluate your current financial situation so you can make informed (and thus better) financial decisions

moneyGuru is a personal finance management application. With it, you can evaluate your current financial situation so you can make informed (and thus better) financial decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru's difference is in the way it achieves it. Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which pre-configured report is the right one), your important financial data (net worth, profit) is constantly up-to-date and "in your face". This allows you to constantly make informed decision rather than doing so periodically.

NOTE: Even though moneyGuru is BSD, it as also Fairware , which has extra implications.

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4 Opinions

Absolutely best app. in the category of personal finances. Have tried different ones, but moneyGuru works best, especially with mixed currencies!

Update: I have now switched to moneyGuru.

I would like to point out that moneyGuru also supports split transactions ("splitting transactions between different categories", unless I misunderstand, is the same thing as a split). You can do so by opening the Transaction Panel (Cmd-I) when you have a transaction selected.

Thanks for your review.

I have been using Squirrel, iCompta and now I am having a look at moneyGuru.

iCompta has some unique features like splitting transactions between different categories. However it's look and feel and usability is not very nice.

Squirrel is the opposite. Nice look and all but somehow some limitation (currency support). Also it's a premium ish price and there are no regular updates, there is an iPhone app with it but I struggle to find a use for it

moneyGuru might not be the best looking of all but the way it presents its data Profit/Loss, budget..., showing past/present period and great and unrivalled. I am thinking of moving from Squirrel to moneyGuru. Will try it a bit further and see if I jump to it.

Great App !