Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2009-11-21 || License: Freeware Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

Manage Twitter, Mail, WordPress, Reader etc. in one window

Tired of managing five apps/windows/tabs at the same time and of reloading all the time by hand to track your e-commerce, mail, twitter, notes, blog? So with Monitor you can do all this in one window, access it from the menubar and the site-refresh is done automatically. The segments can be customized to fit your individual needs. If needed (e.g. for Google Docs) you can use a fullscreen mode, mail attachments can be up/downloaded and mails can also be printed…

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Sorry, app was moved to:

is this still developed? can't find it on their webpage

@ el_cravito

Press cmd+ to make text bigger.

a plain idea, but very useful! i've got twitter, statistics and other stuff always at my fingertips.

Please allow me just a few more words...
In Gmail, I also found the font too small. It's difficult to read anything. And using the full screen option just makes the window fill the screen; the font remains the same size.
I hope those little problems will be solved in future versions of Monitor. But this is already a very nice application.

I have been using Monitor all over the day and found a few (little) problems. The main concerns the downloads from my e-mail accounts.
In Gmail, it adds some strange extension to the files downloaded. But just removing that extension it's possible to open those files.
In Yahoo! Mail, I was unable to download any attachment. I have tried a few times and couldn't download any attachment.

This is a great application! I'm able to monitor all my e-mail accounts from one single app.
I have one request for the developer: I wish I could change the Twitter tab, just like the others, and custimize it with sometning else. (I don't use Twitter.)

Also has a tiger version in the .DMG