Version: 3.2.2 || Release Date: 2008-08-31 || License: Charityware Developer: Brett Terpstra | App Owner: ttscoff

A menubar app with a system-wide, user-configurable hotkey that allows simultaneous posting of a "mood" to iChat, Skype, Adium, Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr and Facebook, or any combination of these services.

Keywords preceded by "@", "!" or "%" allow for special functions such as current weather, current iTunes track, current Time (+x minutes) and other functions to be inserted. URL's are automatically shortened using Metamark.

MoodBlast is built on a combination of Cocoa and Applescript, and can be navigated by keyboard commands alone, or used with a mouse and keyboard.

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I wish MoodBlast still worked for Twitter. Twitter back end changes seem to have disconnected MoodBlast. :(

Version 3.2.2 (just uploaded) fixes Adium 1.3 compatibility.

Doesn't work with the latest betas of Adium, as stated on the author's blog <a href="">here</a>

I forgot to update the comments, but Facebook support has been back in full force since version 2.49!

For reference, I tried to make the Facebook app today, only to find out you can't change the FBML on an app from a desktop client either. Facebook is going to suffocate itself. Any day now on the Pownce API, though, from the reports I'm hearing.

You make the app, I'll add it to MoodBlast ;).

Hmm, you could make a Facebook app for moods with an API :) or is that still illegal?

I might just try it, interested?

Honestly, I'd love to. Pownce has yet to come out with their promised API, and until they do, we all have to sit and dink around with that silly AIR client that can't even bounce a dock icon.

Officially requesting pownce to be added! :D