Mozy Stash

Version: 0.10.1740 || Release Date: 2011-12-22 || License: Closed beta App Owner: jlobster

Store, sync and share your files online using the rock solid Mozy infrastructure.

It provides you with a place online to store your most important files--your Stash. When you install Stash on your computer, it links a local Stash folder with your online Stash. Add a file to the local Stash folder, and almost instantly you can securely access it from the Mozy web site or Mozy's mobile app. If you link more than one computer to your Stash, any changes you make get updated on each of them. And because Stash uses the same online storage infrastructure as Mozy online backup, whatever you put in the folder enjoys the same protection you have come to trust from Mozy online backup.

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