Version: 1.4.5 || Release Date: 2007-04-25 || License: Shareware ($7) Developer: asram software | App Owner: toner

When iTunes is too much mp3 player is the minimal audio player you need. Insert a CD-R or drop a folder containing mp3 audio-files and watch mp3player list all of the songs and play them continuously. Supports playback of all QuickTime-supported audio-files and will display QuickTime pictures or movies. Disk-burning and importing Playlists from iTunes supported. QuickTime required. If you do not have QuickTime installed, mp3Player can download it for you. Unique auto-detect, auto-play, auto-eject CD options. Loop, Replay, EQ, random play. Cheap price and proceeds go to charity.

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diggin_it, these are benedectine monks living in freaking bangladesh! so what if you do not like the software, they are just trying to raise money for their monastery. also, apparently they are quite involved with inter-religious dialogue, which is a good thing and something this world needs more of. i mean although i do not use the software and am not christian myself, i think people should take it a little easier on these peaceful ascetics. besides, they offer freeware applications as well, and when was the last time you met a coding monk?

fixed link.

um... the link doesn't take you to a software company's website.