MP3 Rage

Version: 5.8.4 || Release Date: 2007-02-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: Chaotic Software | App Owner: steviehype

MP3 Rage is a collection of tools for MP3 enthusiasts with a Macintosh running Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X. You can edit ID3 tags, analyze MP3's and adjust their sound volume automatically to play at similar levels, export MP3 files to AIFF format for burning CD's, play MP3 files, catalog, organize, rename, find, and change thousands of MP3 files and their ID3 tags quickly and painlessly. It does all this with a clean, powerful, and easy-to-use interface.

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2 Opinions

It was the precursor to Media Rage.
So technically, you've just got it backward.

Is this a rip-off of Media Rage, or what?