Version: 0.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-09 || License: GPL App Owner: tietze

Fast and hassle-free playback of most video files. Use the keyboard shortcuts, mouse, or the Apple remote for accessing different playback functions.

Essential keyboard shortcuts:
f: fullscreen
$ or ?: enter MPlayer OSD menu
o: cycle OSD modes: none/ seekbar/ seekbar + timer/ seekbar + timer + total%
p or SPACE: pause movie (press any key to continue)
q or ESC: stop playing and quit program
Arrowkeys left/ right: seek backward/forward 10 seconds
Arrowkeys up/ down: seek backward/forward 1 minute
Pageup/ pagedown: seek backward/forward 10 minutes
+ or - : adjust audio delay by +/- 0.1 second

This is simply the mplayer binary wrapped inside a MacOS X application bundle, allowing for drag and drop, file association and opening videofiles directly from the Finder. It is based on the application bundle from MPlayerOSX and the mplayer binary compiled from

It supports most formats for moviefiles and subtitles.

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Get "no mountable filesystems" when downloading 0.2 from here, download from the developer's website.