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Version: 1.0rc2 || Release Date: 2008-05-12 || License: GPL App Owner: swamiyogurt

MPlayer is a multi-platform movie player supporting many formats and A/V codecs. MPlayer OSX is the GUI frontend with precompiled binaries optimized for PowerPC and AltiVec

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MPlayer OSX Extended offers more options and has actually been updated recently.

Note: mplayer logs names of files it has played, in console.log, located in /Library/Logs/Console.
(ie: system folder, not the user's ~/Library folder.)

MPlayer can also play RealVideo and RealAudio if you install the optional codecs package.

i wish there was such a thing as vlc + mplayer, but until then i have them both..

Viewing WMVs with Flip4Mac: open instantly but loading takes ages, or wait for QuickTime to load whole movie and you can seek. Viewing them in VLC: open instantly and seek works, but can't determine the keyframes, so the action kind of smudges out till the next keyframe hits. MPlayer opens instantly and seeks instantly and correctly. Second cool thing: MKV files from HD material opens instantly and seeks instantly. VLC crashes every once in a while when opening these files.

Download the latest unofficial builds here:

<a href=""></a>

Duplicate entry! Look at:

Imho MPlayer is the fastest player to seek in movies.
Plus, it has convenient keyboard shortcuts for that (left/right/up/down arrows). VLC is slower to seek, and doesn't allow (unmodified) arrows as keyboard shortcuts, making it less convenient.

The command-line version of Mplayer can easily rotate a movie, eg:
mplayer -vf rotate=1 mymovie.mpg
will rotate clockwise, see mplayer's documentation for more info.
The command line mplayer is included, and can be found here (for the intel version):

Dupe. Search for mplayer, and get those release dates right :)

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