MPlayer OSX

Version: 1.0rc2 || Release Date: 2008-05-12 || License: GPL App Owner: swamiyogurt

MPlayer is a multi-platform movie player supporting many formats and A/V codecs. MPlayer OSX is the GUI frontend with precompiled binaries optimized for PowerPC and AltiVec

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Way better then VLC.
See my comments @VLC and Perian for the reason.

Seems smoother than vlc, but the normal interface that other apps have (double click for fullscreen, move the mouse in fullscreen to see player) aren't there, so I got turned off.

MPlayer > VLC by a small margin.

Got an email about 1.0pre8 being outdated. Even though the main site has 1.0rc1, the OS X binary is still 1.0pre8. You can get newer unofficial builds for OS X at YMMV.

Woo! They finally updated the release! Great news.
Mplayer is FAR faster than anything else I've ever tried. I've totally dropped VLC for this.

I like VLC better, but I keep this around because there are some files that VLC won't play. (There are also some files that Mplayer OSX won't play that VLC will) so I use this when I have to.

mplayer is for me the primary choice. Only if it cannot play something I choose VLC. Mplayer is better for network play as it can cache the data and it has easer key commands. VLC seems to forget my persionalized settings.

I used MPlayer on Linux and am very happy to be able to use it on Mac OS X.

MPlayer seems quicker than VLC. Loads faster and isn't a CPU hog.

While VLC certainly seem to support more codecs, and has a better interface, MPlayer is a must for all the remaning ones. It does indeed play quite a few formats that VLC does not seem able to handle. Plus certain wmv's play smoothly only in Mplayer, even though they might be rough on WMP, Flip4Mac or VLC.

Definitely a must have as a backup to VLC.

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