Version: 1.0b5 || Release Date: 2008-03-05 || License: Freeware Developer: William Henderson | App Owner: whenders0n

Basically, Multiclutch allows you to assign custom keyboard shortcuts in a given app to a given gesture. Want swipes to change tabs in Safari? Done. The same in iChat? Done. Want zoom-in to open emails in Mail, zoom-out to close windows in every app, and a swipe down to bring up Quicksilver? Done done done.

MultiClutch works by installing a simple input manager that catches gesture events, looks to see what shortcut you’ve defined for it in the frontmost app (if you haven’t defined anything, it behaves in the standard manner), and performs that shortcut. You use a System Preference Pane to customize gestures with an interface similar to the shortcut-customization table in the Keyboard & Mouse pane. You can ‘bind’ gestures in a given Cocoa app (due to the nature of input managers, Carbon apps are not supported) or globally. In addition to the four swipe directions, zooming in and out and rotate in either direction, I’ve been experimenting with ‘combo’ gestures. Right now, I’ve added the ‘Zoom in, Zoom out’ gesture (ie in one fluid motion) and visa-versa, with more perhaps to come if I find them to be intuitive and useful enough.

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I wish Apple would add custom gestures in Safari, then I could ditch this. It works but feels buggy as hell. Adding gestures is a real nightmare, it keeps freezing for no reason etc.

I used this to disable text-zoom in Safari and Firefox. I tended to do it by accident all the time.

This makes the multi touch trackpad on my 15" unibody much better. Please keep up the great work/1

I guess this requires a multitouch macbook, ie: the macbook air or the new macbook pro?

An amazing app. I've assigned rotate anticlockwise to cmd-Q and it saves a huge amount of time. Like minh swiping up and down is great for opening and closing tabs. The app still has lots of progress to be made, but well worth the download.

I was highly annoyed the back and forward gestures don't work in Firefox. With Multiclutch I can now use the back and forward gestures in Firefox but also rotate left and right to navigate tabs i, swipe up to create a new tab and swipe down to close a tab.

Multitouch gesture can also be assigned globally. For exemple, I assign the swipe down to perform cmd-w in any applications. Very handy !

This program is very simple to configure and is a must have if you have a multi touch trackpad.