Version: 1.0.4 || Release Date: 2009-08-26 || License: Commercial with demo ($25) App Owner: andks

Multiplex utilizes some of the best features of Apple's OS X operating system. Instead of scanning only a single folder for movies, Multiplex plugs into the power of Spotlight. Without having to search or scan, OS X tells us about all of the movies you have on your computer - including any that you may have in your DVD drive.

Once a movie is imported into Multiplex, you can download the metadata for that movie by Title, or more specifically, the UPC code, if it is available. Multiplex returns a series of possible matches (although a UPC search almost always returns only a single match) for you to choose from. Multiplex aggregates multiple sources of information to automatically fill in as much information for you as possible.

Multiplex is always aware of the media available to you. Movies that may have existed on an external drive will fade out slightly if the media becomes unavailable. Plug the drive back in, and within seconds, all of your movies will light up and the play buttons will become active. This feature makes it easy to store movies on multiple removable storage devices, manage metadata even when media is unavailable, and have immediate access to media as soon as it's plugged in. Simply click one of the several strategically placed Play buttons on available media, and your movie is launched in Apple's built-in DVD player.

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Can I add videos I download from the internet? Divx, MP4 etc?