Multisite for iWeb

Version: 3.1 || Release Date: 2012-06-25 || License: Shareware (19.98) Developer: Clarkwood Software | App Owner: ewood

Multisite is a utility for users of iWeb. If you need to build several sites Multisite makes iWeb even better. First of all it keeps iWeb uncluttered and focuses it on just the site you want to work with. It also speeds up iWeb since iWeb no longer has to keep every site in the same data file. This way, when you edit or publish, iWeb just works on the site you want rather than every site each time. This helps to reduce memory usage and improve load and save times too.

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5 Opinions

I love this utility for iWeb. used the demo a while ago to try to help our non profit club get a website going. Sure glad I did as this program saved my butt. When I updated to iWeb 09 it opened up a previous version of my website short 30 or so pages. Thought I lost the domain file again Eegads. Multi-site found my latest version. Thank so much for a great program!!

Great utility. I tried another similar tool, but this program was way less buggy and much more polished. Well worth the few bucks it takes to register it.

Excellent utility,very easy to use.
I first had one website,but somone asked me to make one for him.Then I noticed that it wasn't possoble to publish both seperately until I discoverd Mutlisite for iWeb.


Fantastic utility for managing multiple iWeb sites that are hosted on various servers. Was very frustrated with iWeb publishing ALL of my sites each time when I only wanted one published to .mac and wanted the others published to a folder to host on a different server. Multisite solved that problem in about a minute. Couldn't be simpler to use. Apple should include it on every one of their computers along with iLife!

This is an absolutely excellent utility for managing iWeb projects. I was getting fed up attempting to manage my sites by renaming and moving the domain.sites files; and losing track of my projects (not good when you are doing light commercial work with iWeb). I googled for a solution and up came Multisites. I must say it is really really good, works nice and fast too. Well worth the £12 UK.

Guy Hemmings