MusicBrainz Picard

Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2014-01-01 || License: GPL App Owner: ypcs

Automatic tag fixing for music collection

Helps you to fix invalid tags in your music collection by calculating hashes for tracks & comparing them to database.

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AppFresh (latest version as of June 2011) downloads an older version of MusicBrainz (0.11 from 2009!!) and therefore cannot upgrade to 0.14 which is the latest. This looks like a "bug" (probably just wrong location of file 0.14 to download by appfresh? )

This is great for the moments where you need more tagging power than iTunes and want to get specific, trusted data from the internet.

In reply to the previous comment, you're definitely too harsh on this free piece of software. Its interface might not be very good, but the backbone is solid, and works as advertised. The fact it uses a cross-platform GUI library, WxWidgets, doesn't help its looks, but simplifies the devs' jobs. There's simply not much mac-like glamour to be found in this app, and that's alright with me.

Musicbrainz is a great database but why oh why is the Picard interface so horrible? While the layout itself looks clean on a first look its usage patterns relate to nothing the average (or any) user is used to, and i found no situation where its usability comes even close to what is tried and true, plus it's slow. Fail.
Best served as a tech demo (and its been in this state for years).

This application and MusicBrainz in general has made organizing my massive music collection easy as pie. With 0.9 Picard takes a giant leap forward in terms of usability and is now available on OS-X for the first time! Check out this app and if you want an organized digital music library with correct tags!