Music Math

Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2007-11-17 || License: Freeware Developer: Laurent Colson | App Owner: alphae

Music Math is a freeware which converts music values (BPM, transpose, Delay, Samples, ms, Hz, Timestretch %, Notes ). Music-Math has 7 conversion functions: Tempo Change, Transpose, Delay, Tap Tempo, Samples, Notes and SMPTE:

• Tempo : computes the equivalent TimeStrecthing from the original and new tempos.
• Transpose: converts semi tones to TimeStrecthing values.
• Delay : convert tempo to musical duration (ms) or equivalent frequencies (Hz), ie for LFOs rates.
• Tap : Tap the tempo
• Samples : convert samples duration (in samples) to tempo or tempo to sample duration.
• Notes: convert MIDI notes to equivalent frequencies (Hz).
• SMPTE: add or substract SMPTE value.

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